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Partec CyFlow Cube

Released January, 2011

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Small, compact size. Open optical configuration of maxim 3 laser + UV LED. Absolute counting.

The Cons:Small fluid containers. On board computer with touch screen leads to limited intervention possibilities.

The CyFlow Cube is an ultra compact and uniquely designed Flow Cytometer for all applications in cell analysis and absolute counting.


  • Desktop volumetric flow cytometer with computer, monitor, fluidics and analyzer uniquely-designed in one compact unit.
  • Accurate and cost-effective flow cytometer employing 8 optical parameters.
  • Superior small particle detection >50nm
  • Employs Partec's TVAC volumetric counting system for accurate single-platform absolute cell count and cell concentration determinations
  • CyView software for data acquisition and analysis
  • Flexible and modular CyFlow Cube system configurations
  • Superior fluorescence sensitivity: ≤100 MESF (FITC) and ≤ 50 MESF (PE)

The CyFlow Cube is a desk-top volumetric flow cytometer that measures forward and side light scatter and up to 6 colors of fluorescence.  This versatile instrument can be used for many different applications including immunofluorescence, DNA content for ploidy and cell cycle analysis, fluorescent protein detection and the determination of absolute cell counts and cell concentrations.

Accurate counts are achieved by Partec's TVAC volumetric counting system without the use of expensive reference counting beads or parallel analysis on a hematology counter.  The CyFlow Cube can be configured with up to 3 solid-state lasers including a blue (488nm), green (532nm), violet (407nm), ultraviolet (355 or 375nm), yellow (561nm), orange (594nm) or red (638nm) laser and a UV LED (365nm).

Partec's patented PPCS sorting module is available as an option for the CyFlow Cube.  This piezo-based sorting unit has a closed fluidic system making it ideal for sorting bio-hazardous material and is gentle enough to sort even fragile cells.


  • 20" by 19" Footprint
  • Built in 19" TFT monitor
  • Fully integrated fluidics system
  • Quartz flow cuvette with a 200µm x 350µm channel cross-section
  • Up to 3 solid state lasers (Choice of 488, 638, 407, 355, 375, 532, 561, 594, 785) + 1 UV LED (365nm)
  • 2 PMTs for Forward Scatter and Side Scatter detection
  • Up to 6 PMTs for fluorescence detection
  • Electronics for signal amplification and analog to digital conversion
  • CyFlow Sorter including built-in PPCS module (Optional)
  • CyFlow Robby autoloader for automated sample loading from well plates and tubes (Optional)

CyFlow and CyView are registered trademarks of Partec GmbH

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    Small, compact size

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    Open optical configuration of maxim 3 laser + UV LED

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    Absolute counting

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    small fluid containers

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    on board computer with touch screen leads to limited intervention possibilities

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Anonymous: #partec_cyflow_cube The screen is no touch screen, the instrument is delivered with mouse and keyboard
Fluid containers can be changed if needed (and the small size makes it easy for women to handle ;) ) Jul 30, 14
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