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Miltenyi Biotec MACSQuant Analyzer

Released December, 2008

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Small, compact size. Fair price. Sensitivity beats my half-million dollar cloggers!

The Cons:Fixed and preset laser configuration, very limited flexibility in configuration options. No filter exchange! A little convoluted software.


The MACSQuant Analyzer is a benchtop flow cytometer featuring 3 lasers and 9 optical parameters.  It is able to analyze cells in single tubes or from a 96 well plate and is equipped to give absolute cell counts for each sample.

  The MACSQuant is more than just a cellular analyzer as its automated labelling abilities allow it to label cells with reagents, such as PI or antibodies.  The instrument also contains the MACS cell enrichment unit, which allows for rapid and enhanced rare cell analysis.  On top of all this, the MACSQuant Analyzer is virtually maintenance free with automated clean, shut down, calibration and compensation.
The MACSQuant Analyzer leads science into a new era of automated cell analysis with powerful and innovative features to facilitate successful research:  

  • Compact benchtop design
  • 3 Lasers (Violet 405 nm, Blue 488 nm, and Red 635 nm)
  • 9 Optical Parameters (FSC, SSC and 7 Fluorescent channels)
  • Absolute cell counts (volumetric)
  • Enhanced rare cell analysis using the MACS Cell Enrichment Column
  • Automated labeling of samples (PI or antibodies)
  • Multi-sample processing - single tubes or 96 well plates
  • Powerful and intuitive MACSQuantify™ software
  • Automated Compensation


Excitation Lasers and Fluorescent Detectors:

Violet Laser– 405 nm

V1: VioBlue, Pacific Blue, CFP, Cascade Blue

Blue Laser– 488 nm

Forward Scatter (FSC)

Side Scatter (SSC)


B2: PE

B3: PerCP, PE-Cy5.5, PI

B4: PE-Cy7

Red Laser- 635 nm


R2: APC-Cy7


Volumetric Cell Counts

Absolute cell counts without reference beads



Single tubes or 96 well plate

Automated labeling of samples (PI or antibodies)

Automated clean and shut down

Compatible with liquid handling systems (Tecan, etc)


Enhanced rare cell analysis

MACS Cell Enrichment Unit For pre-analysis enrichment of rare cell subsets


Automated Compensation

7×7 matrix (during or post-acquisition)


Real Time Virtual Support

Anywhere and anytime



Analysis rate up to 10,000 events/second

Florescence sensitivity and resolution MESFs: <200 FITC; <100 PE; <150 APC

Size (W × D × H) 600×350×400 mm (23.6×13.8×15.7 inch)

Weight 50 kg

Certification UL-listed and CE-marked

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  • 11

    Small, compact size

  • 8

    Fair price.

  • 5

    Sensitivity beats my half-million dollar cloggers!

  • 3

    3 lasers, 7 detectors

  • 3

    Automated labelling

  • 2

    Built-in touch screen computer with the option to add external keyboard, monitor, mouse.

  • -3

    BMW car paint - unfortunately from the unsellable colors.

  • 5

    fixed and preset laser configuration, very limited flexibility in configuration options.

  • 4

    No filter exchange!

  • 3

    A little convoluted software

  • 2

    Tiny bottles for sheath and waste have trouble making it through a full 96-well plate. We get that you want a small footprint, but come on!

  • 0

    Some basic plate reader functions missing, not nearly as user friendly and sophisticed as BD's HTS software.

  • -2

    No high-ish throughput

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