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Becton Dickinson LSRFortessa

Released January, 2009

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Allows precise changes in acquistion rate.

The Cons:No sit flush.

Excitation Optics

Excitation Optical Platform

The BD LSRFortessa optical layout allows for up to four1 lasers.

Laser Power

355 nm: 20 mW 405 nm: 50 mW 488 nm: 50 mW 640 nm: 40 mW

Optical Efficiency

Power loss at flow cell: <20% of specified laser power

Flow Cell Design

Rectangular quartz cuvette: Internal cross-section, 430 x 180 μm

External quartz cuvette surfaces are anti-reflective coated for optimal transmission of laser light.


Fixed optical assembly with spatially separated laser beams.

Emission Optics

Optical Coupling

The quartz cuvette flow cell is gel- coupled by refractive index-matching optical gel to the fluorescence objective lens (1.2 NA) for optimal collection efficiency.

Forward Scatter Detection

Photodiode detector with a 488/10 bandpass filter

Side Scatter Detector

Photomultiplier tube (PMT) with a 488/10 bandpass filter

Emission Optical Design

Emitted light from the gel-coupled cuvette is delivered by fiber optics to the detector arrays. The BD LSRFortessa uses BD’s patented octagon- and trigon- shaped optical pathways that use signal reflection to maximize signal detection. Please see the separate filter guide for information on dye and filter options.

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    allows precise changes in acquistion rate

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    no sit flush

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Anonymous: #becton_dickinson_lsrfortessa Had ours installed in December with 6 lasers. For the most part been very pleased with the laser stability. Aug 31, 11
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Mike Waring
Mike Waring: #becton_dickinson_lsrfortessa Can actually accommodate at least 5 lasers. Limited to 20 parameters, so 18 colors plus FSC and SSC, ours was set up with 20 colors but operator must toggle between 2 pairs of detectors using switch boxes so that only 18 colors are measured. HTS much more accessible than on the LSR2. FACSFlow supply system a better option than the large 20L steel tank for signal stability. Dec 21, 10
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