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Becton Dickinson Influx

Released January, 2008

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Excellent purity.

The Cons:4 way sorting is nightmare. Sort rate is poor.

Innovative Fluidics Design

The BD Influx™ fluidics system features a unique acoustical coupling in the nozzle assembly to reliably create droplets for sorting, while ensuring low shear stress to optimize cell viability, even at high pressures.

To support aseptic sorting, the fluidics path is easily removed and replaced with the optional disposable fluidics kit.

Intuitive Alignment

The optical system that directs lasers to the interrogation point is easy to use, intuitive, and adaptable. Up to seven laser paths can be configured. Wavelength options include 355-nm, 405-nm, 457-nm, 488-nm, 532-nm, 561-nm, and 640-nm lasers.

A range of standard detection modules is available to configure the system based on application needs.

Flexible Sorting

In addition to two-, four-, and six-way sorting, the BD Influx™ system features special sort modes such as plate, proportional, and positional sorting, which can be optimized for application requirements.

Environmental Control

The BD Influx™ aerosol management system draws air away from the operator through a HEPA filter, reducing the amount of aerosols in the sort chamber.

BD Influx Software: From Acquisition to Sorting and Analysis

BD Influx™ software provides comprehensive control of the cell sorter from configuration and compensation setup to acquisition, sorting, and analysis, making it easy to customize the instrument for specific applications.

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    excellent purity

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    4 way sorting is nightmare.

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    sort rate is poor

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